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Aesthetic and Sustainable 

My designs are a harmonious fusion of Lapland and Alps culture, with contemporary elements. Designs are not only visually appealing but practical too. I strongly believe that aesthetics play a vital role in elevating quality of life while creating an inviting atmosphere. 

"Creating sustainable and authentic designs is a top priority for us. We love using recycled materials and restoring existing structures, thereby reducing waste and promoting environmental health. By taking a thoughtful approach to our projects, we create long-lasting designs that benefit both our clients and the planet."

I grew up in the Arctic Circle and spent most of my life on skis. Love for outdoor culture and nature is reflected in my designs, which draw inspiration from the beauty of everyday life. I have degrees from two different University in Finland. My first degree is from Graphic Design (MA), and later I studied also Interior Architecture (BA). I made first professional career as an award-winning designer in advertising. Nowadays I also teach future designers in university in Finland.

Strong background in multiple fields of visual and user-experienced design influences my work today. I also create printed and woven textiles and wallpaper designs and have a small collection that I sell in my webshop I’m committed to sustainability, and unique jewellery created from leftover materials is a quirky nod to this. I invite you to explore my work and discover the perfect addition to your personal style. 

Please get in touch so we can start our collaboration.

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