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Frankfurt am Main - United Forest 

United Forest – Frankfurt School of Finance & Management - offers good mood and sunshine on the walls of an old dormitory in Adickesallee, Frankfurt. It is located in the city's central district and 1,65 million cars pass by every month.

Frankfurt is known for skyscrapers and the financial sector. However, few people know that the city has a lot of greenery and parks. A garden was planned for the courtyard of the new campus, where shrubs and trees from different parts of the world have been planted. Inspired by the garden, I created an artistic concept known as United Forest. United Forest contains five different works, each of which reflects one continent, its atmosphere, plants and flora. The garden outside the building continues inside. In each tower of the campus a garden "grows" on the walls. The United Forest plant works also act as an identifier like a signpost in the building. It also communicates the function of the building, where different cultures and people mix and meet each other. One of the works can also be found as a mural in the street scene - next to the new campus - on the walls of the old dormitory.

The construction of the new campus began in 2014. The opening ceremony was held at the end of October 2017. The building was designed by the Danish Architect Henning Larsen. German Architectural firm MOW also participated. I collaborated with the architects and the Frankfurt School team. The starting point was to create something exceptional in the areas of design and art, taking into account the already existing architectural plans.

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