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Pinja Metsäkoivu is a versatile designer and artist, specialised in illustration and application of art in spaces. She is an active graphic

designer and interior architect, her work often combines interior design and art.

Metsäkoivu uses mixed techniques for her artwork. She delineates the ensemble, draws and paints by hand and realizes parts on computer. The final creation often uses collage-technique. – In the working process, the space and surroundings are an important part of realizing the artworks. In the combination of space and art, placing art in unexpected places is interesting. There it reaches viewers that might not otherwise find their way to art. When planning pieces, I consider the materials, colours and shapes of the space, so that the pieces become a natural part of their surroundings.

Metsäkoivu works as a lecturer of graphic design at University of Lapland. She hails from Rovaniemi, Lapland Finland and currently reside in the Alps in France with her family. Nature and family is often the source of inspiration for her artwork.

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